Sunday, March 15, 2009

a new method

New Rule: To avoid harassment while biking, listen to headphones.

Warning: You may be at risk of getting hit.

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Story: I was biking my normal five mile trip from uptown to Cedar and Riverside. I always listen to my headphones (please, no motherly caution) and these headphones are special. Iphone headphones. If you get a call while listening to music, just click this convenient button on your ear bud wire and viola, headphones turn into hands free cell phone. anyway. I was biking south on Briant ave and stopped at the Bryant and lake red lights. Just as the light turned green, I get a phone call. So instead of pushing off, i choose to answer my phone while the car next to me moves into the intersection. This takes only two seconds, it's my husband on the other line. As I pull into the intersection, i witness a car to my right run it's red light and crash into the car i was next to only a few seconds before.  All this only ten feet in front of me and that's when I realize that my husband saved my life.  If he had not called, I would be between those two cars....dead...

Moral: If those cars would have been bikes one would have been hurt......ok ok...that's my moral.

-beauty still biking with headphones-


Sailor and Co said...

love it...that is so sweet he saved you . you crack me UP!! cant wait for the next post.

Sunshine Mama said...

wow.I never knew. I got goosebumps. Thank Jeremy for me.

Jo said...

*High fives Jeremy*