Monday, July 6, 2009

too many to count

"is it hot today?"
"hey girls"
"where you from, florida?"
"can I hitch a ride with you?"

the best is being stared at for two minutes while I'm locking up my bike. I wish i had the guts to say "it's not nice to stare" or something.

summer can really suck.

Friday, May 8, 2009

dead people and fire

two greenway stories.....

1. On my bike, enjoying the sprouting leaves of all colors. green, pink, purple, that a white haired person at the foot of those trees? no....keep biking, but I can't. turn around. look again, yep, that a human being laying dead still. ok, hum. get off my bike, walk up the slope...."hello....are you okay?" no sound. oh my god, he/she is dead. that's really white hair. oh wait, did he/she just move his/her foot? yes. ugg. another drunk. sigh.

2. My friend Jennifer and I went on a 15 mile bike around on the paths of minneapolis. Afterwards, we fired up the grill, threw on some salmon and asparagus. I hopped in the shower quick and then made smoothies....yum...anyway, i smelled something burning. I went on the deck and checked the grill, nope, the salmon wasn't burning....weird...head back into the house. A man walking his dog on the greenway yelled at me. okay..."you have a fire!" what? how? walk over to the edge of the deck, what!!!! I run into the house, yell fire at Jennifer and grabbed the water bottle that I use to spray my cat. I start spraying the fire and by this time, Wyatt is walking up the slope..."the fire is bigger than's under your deck too! do you have a fire extinguisher?" omg, i don't and plus, i forgot to get home owners insurance...The hall! grab extinguisher and hand it to gone but all my grass is burnt black. now...I'm just embarrassed. To top it off, I burnt my salmon too.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nesting is best

Well, I have been very busy lately. Today was the first time riding my bike for over a week. I guess the instinctual urge to create a home trumped any need for speed. So of course, I biked on the day it was raining. which is fun i suppose. I felt like a tough girl around a few other tough dudes also on bikes. We nod to each other in passing, as if we're in a secret bad ass club.....which we are by the way...

So I've included a photo of my newly acquired furniture. I feel like I've entered into the set of the Jetsons, but Jeremy likes to think he's on the bridge of star trek....speaking of which, we are heading over to a 2 week early viewing of the new star trek. Jealous? well, we are also on the list to a private very cool party. Yeah, that's because I'm married to a rock star.....I think. 
~Beauty in the rain~

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


our new home has a deck that overlooks the greenway. For those who aren't savvy, it is an off road bike highway that connects the river to the lakes. I can drink coffee while watching my fellow bikers. Plus, there is an exit right at my condo. heaven. 

bike culture

I find it strange that people in cars yell at me for biking. I'm doing what all other cars do, but for some reason, they feel free to shout and curse. I suppose it's because I'm a person sitting on a metal thing....note...not IN a metal thing. So I can HEAR them billowing. 

one time i stopped at a stop sign. A driver rolleddown his window and screamed "there's a stop sign there" I guess he didn't like that I stopped quickly. well, i was only going 10 mph. you know. 

One time I was biking on the right side of a busy street and someone from a car hollered "Get on the sidewalk idiot" i wanted a traffic ticket.

Couple days ago I was biking south on Bryant Ave and the driver's door opened in a parked car as I was biking passed. I almost got doored (as they like to say in the bike community) and out of surprised i yelped "hey" and he yelled back "watch it"....hum...if I was a car and smashed his door, would he say "watch it" how was I suppose to know he was in the car, it's his job to look for traffic. 

point being, I'm finding myself having a harder and harder time thinking the best of drivers and yellers.  Give us a chance, we are actually nice people. 

-beauties on bikes are nice-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a new method

New Rule: To avoid harassment while biking, listen to headphones.

Warning: You may be at risk of getting hit.

Related: This reminds me of a story

Story: I was biking my normal five mile trip from uptown to Cedar and Riverside. I always listen to my headphones (please, no motherly caution) and these headphones are special. Iphone headphones. If you get a call while listening to music, just click this convenient button on your ear bud wire and viola, headphones turn into hands free cell phone. anyway. I was biking south on Briant ave and stopped at the Bryant and lake red lights. Just as the light turned green, I get a phone call. So instead of pushing off, i choose to answer my phone while the car next to me moves into the intersection. This takes only two seconds, it's my husband on the other line. As I pull into the intersection, i witness a car to my right run it's red light and crash into the car i was next to only a few seconds before.  All this only ten feet in front of me and that's when I realize that my husband saved my life.  If he had not called, I would be between those two cars....dead...

Moral: If those cars would have been bikes one would have been hurt......ok ok...that's my moral.

-beauty still biking with headphones-