Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nesting is best

Well, I have been very busy lately. Today was the first time riding my bike for over a week. I guess the instinctual urge to create a home trumped any need for speed. So of course, I biked on the day it was raining. which is fun i suppose. I felt like a tough girl around a few other tough dudes also on bikes. We nod to each other in passing, as if we're in a secret bad ass club.....which we are by the way...

So I've included a photo of my newly acquired furniture. I feel like I've entered into the set of the Jetsons, but Jeremy likes to think he's on the bridge of star trek....speaking of which, we are heading over to a 2 week early viewing of the new star trek. Jealous? well, we are also on the list to a private very cool party. Yeah, that's because I'm married to a rock star.....I think. 
~Beauty in the rain~