Tuesday, October 14, 2008

honk a what?

yeah, standing outside my shop today, just breathing some chilly air, and a sexist idiot honked at me while driving past, as I look, he nods. really? really?

that's all i got.

Beauty standing.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Did you know that I'm cute?

Well, life on a bike has been rather boring. sorry. I even wore a tiny skirt on my bike today....nothing....or wait.

I was walking with my friend Joe past Hard Time Cafe on Riverside this evening and this dude called out to us "you two are cute"...and with wit of the quickest kind, joe responded "you're cute too."

That was different. If only all my experiences were that pleasant.

-beauty on foot-

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

nodescript day

I was actually jittery with excitement last night while riding home. I found myself even making eye contact with passing men...god no....I MADE EYE CONTACT, THE NERVE! anyway, nothing happened. I did notice a cop car creeping behind me for a good 6 blocks, but i guess since they are the law, they can creep all they want. Maybe they were trying to protect a defenseless young woman, hum...

if you're in a blog reading mood, check out this chick's experience here.

and by the way, I'm not kidding...I am researching a helment camera. I want to get some these idiots on tape.

-beauty on a bike-

Sunday, August 24, 2008

biking can be a bitch

Well, here we start. This blog is dedicated to detailing my everyday experiences with harassment on my bike. I had been thinking about this for a few weeks, but last nights trauma set me strait.

I was bicycling home around 11:40 pm on Washington Ave about to turn onto Nicollet Ave downtown. This obscenely large crystal clean hummer limousine passes on my left with a man dangling out the window. He yells....ahem...ready?

"Nice fucking blinker bitch"

Now let's think this though. I'm wearing jeans, pink shirt, front and rear blinkers and helment. wtf? So, of course, like any respectable human being, I flip the bird. what really were my options? well, the bird brought on a chorus of whoops. Sigh.

I turn onto Nicollet angry and pass a sheriff a block down. Fine, I turned around and pulled over the cop and explained the situation "just so you know, I am probably not the only woman they are harassing." Of course, the white male cop appeared mildly disinterested. If only I had a helmet cam. Sigh again.

Is this man slightly related to last week's "red light, makes you horny?" If only there was a fraction of sense in these idiotic calls.

Thus concludes my first blog.

-beauty on a bike-