Friday, May 8, 2009

dead people and fire

two greenway stories.....

1. On my bike, enjoying the sprouting leaves of all colors. green, pink, purple, that a white haired person at the foot of those trees? no....keep biking, but I can't. turn around. look again, yep, that a human being laying dead still. ok, hum. get off my bike, walk up the slope...."hello....are you okay?" no sound. oh my god, he/she is dead. that's really white hair. oh wait, did he/she just move his/her foot? yes. ugg. another drunk. sigh.

2. My friend Jennifer and I went on a 15 mile bike around on the paths of minneapolis. Afterwards, we fired up the grill, threw on some salmon and asparagus. I hopped in the shower quick and then made smoothies....yum...anyway, i smelled something burning. I went on the deck and checked the grill, nope, the salmon wasn't burning....weird...head back into the house. A man walking his dog on the greenway yelled at me. okay..."you have a fire!" what? how? walk over to the edge of the deck, what!!!! I run into the house, yell fire at Jennifer and grabbed the water bottle that I use to spray my cat. I start spraying the fire and by this time, Wyatt is walking up the slope..."the fire is bigger than's under your deck too! do you have a fire extinguisher?" omg, i don't and plus, i forgot to get home owners insurance...The hall! grab extinguisher and hand it to gone but all my grass is burnt black. now...I'm just embarrassed. To top it off, I burnt my salmon too.