Friday, May 8, 2009

dead people and fire

two greenway stories.....

1. On my bike, enjoying the sprouting leaves of all colors. green, pink, purple, that a white haired person at the foot of those trees? no....keep biking, but I can't. turn around. look again, yep, that a human being laying dead still. ok, hum. get off my bike, walk up the slope...."hello....are you okay?" no sound. oh my god, he/she is dead. that's really white hair. oh wait, did he/she just move his/her foot? yes. ugg. another drunk. sigh.

2. My friend Jennifer and I went on a 15 mile bike around on the paths of minneapolis. Afterwards, we fired up the grill, threw on some salmon and asparagus. I hopped in the shower quick and then made smoothies....yum...anyway, i smelled something burning. I went on the deck and checked the grill, nope, the salmon wasn't burning....weird...head back into the house. A man walking his dog on the greenway yelled at me. okay..."you have a fire!" what? how? walk over to the edge of the deck, what!!!! I run into the house, yell fire at Jennifer and grabbed the water bottle that I use to spray my cat. I start spraying the fire and by this time, Wyatt is walking up the slope..."the fire is bigger than's under your deck too! do you have a fire extinguisher?" omg, i don't and plus, i forgot to get home owners insurance...The hall! grab extinguisher and hand it to gone but all my grass is burnt black. now...I'm just embarrassed. To top it off, I burnt my salmon too.

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Sunshine Mama said...

oh, man what a couple wild stories!! The one about the old man would freak me out. you always read about someone finding the body and then one's you. now the fire...was this all on the same day? How'd the fire get under the deck? Well, I'm glad you're ok. and the house is ok too. love you.