Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bike culture

I find it strange that people in cars yell at me for biking. I'm doing what all other cars do, but for some reason, they feel free to shout and curse. I suppose it's because I'm a person sitting on a metal thing....note...not IN a metal thing. So I can HEAR them billowing. 

one time i stopped at a stop sign. A driver rolleddown his window and screamed "there's a stop sign there" I guess he didn't like that I stopped quickly. well, i was only going 10 mph. you know. 

One time I was biking on the right side of a busy street and someone from a car hollered "Get on the sidewalk idiot"....um..ok...if i wanted a traffic ticket.

Couple days ago I was biking south on Bryant Ave and the driver's door opened in a parked car as I was biking passed. I almost got doored (as they like to say in the bike community) and out of surprised i yelped "hey" and he yelled back "watch it"....hum...if I was a car and smashed his door, would he say "watch it" how was I suppose to know he was in the car, it's his job to look for traffic. 

point being, I'm finding myself having a harder and harder time thinking the best of drivers and yellers.  Give us a chance, we are actually nice people. 

-beauties on bikes are nice-


Sailor and Co said...

i love it!! you make me laugh.... especially at the end when you said beaty on a bike not beauty ha ha ha lol

Sunshine Mama said...

Yeah!!! You're back!!Show them car drivers who's the boss/beauty.